Tenant Handbook


The Building Management Office provides the following basic cleaning service:

  1. Carpets: Routine vacuuming and spot cleaning as needed. An estimate will be given upon request for extensive spotting or for a full carpet cleaning.
  2. Dusting: Hand dusting of all surfaces such as furniture, filing cabinets and window sills. Papers, folders, and personal contents will not be moved or cleared unless notified. Spot clean as needed.
  3. Floors: Sweep all wood, vinyl, tile, rubber and similar types of flooring using an approved cloth or dust mop. Wet mop if spillage has occurred. NO stains, dirt, streaks or dust should be present at the start of the business day.
  4. Trash Pick Up: Trash contained inside of wastebaskets will be disposed of after hours. Additional items will not be disposed of unless it is marked TRASH in large letters and placed on the trash item(s). The Management office should be contacted in advance and advised of the location of the additional trash. Charges may be assessed for additional trash pickups.