Tenant Handbook

Life Safety / Fire Protection

375 Beale Street is equipped with a comprehensive Fire/Life Safety System. Among the most important safety features are:

  1. Pressurized elevator lobbies on floors two (2) through five (5),
  2. Smoke detectors that are strategically located throughout the property in the common core areas, ventilation ductwork, and tenant spaces
  3. Manual fire pull stations on each floor directly adjacent to the entrances to emergency exit stairwells
  4. Voice communication to every floor and in the emergency stairwells
  5. Fire sprinklers are ceiling-mounted and are dispersed throughout tenant spaces and common areas. In the event of a power outage, a diesel generator provides emergency power to the Building and all of its Life/Safety Systems

Shortly after your move-in you will be contacted by the Building Management Office in order to arrange a meeting to review all emergency procedures to be initiated in the event of fire, earthquake, bomb threat, workplace violence or civil disturbance. We ask that you be prepared to appoint Floor Wardens to monitor your premises in accordance with the City’s fire safety regulations.