Tenant Handbook

Bike Storage

  1. Bike racks will be accessible by Users during Building business hours only (7:00 am – 7:00 pm).
  2. Users must store bicycles on the provided bicycle racks only. If the rack is full, the User shall inquire with the Property Manager for the location of alternate bike storage area.
  3. User shall not block the entrance to the BSL Area or position bicycles in a manner that will impede others from entering or exiting the BSL Area.
  4. Bicycle owners’ locks should be used to secure bikes stored in the BSL Area at all times.
  5. Locks will not be provided.
  6. Bike racks are intended to be used by Users while they are present at 375 Beale. Bike racks will be checked nightly by Building Security. If a bicycle is left on the rack for more than three consecutive nights without prior permission from the Property Manager the lock will be cut and the bicycle removed by Building Security. Contact Building Security to reclaim your bike.
  7. Users shall report any suspicious activity, vandalism or damage to Building Security immediately.
  8. All Users agree to use the bike racks at their own risk and assume any and all liability.

Any violations of these Rules and Regulations will result in cancellation of bike storage privileges.