Tenant Handbook


  1. The BSL Area will be accessible by Users during Building business hours only (7:00 am - 7:00 pm) and available on a first come first serve basis.
  2. The BSL Area may be subject to closure from time to time by the property manager for the purposes of maintenance, repair, renovation or construction. To the extent possible, a minimum of 24 hours of advance notice will be posted on the website.
  3. Locks should be used to secure personal belongings stored in the Locker Areas at all times and removed daily.
  4. Lockers are intended for temporary shortly term use during workouts or other gym activities only.
  5. Lockers are not intended to be used as long term storage throughout the day.
  6. Personal items may not be stored in lockers overnight.
  7. Locks will not be provided.
  8. The Locker Areas will be checked nightly by Building Security and any locks remaining on lockers will be cut and contents confiscated for pick up by locker user at a later date.
  9. All Users agree to use the BSL Area at their own risk and assume any and all liability.

Any violations of these Rules and Regulations will result in cancellation of the locker room privileges.

For the safety of all tenants and personnel of 375 Beale Street, the only access permitted to and from the bike racks is via the Harrison Street. Bicycles are not permitted on vehicle entrance and exit lanes, or Loading Dock.

The Property Manager reserves the right to add, change or delete any Rule or Regulation herein contained and to change the method of operation to ensure maximum enjoyment of the BSL Area.

Landlord shall have the right to make such other reasonable Rules and Regulations pertaining to the Building, including without limitation the Premises, or the Common Area as necessary or appropriate for the management of the Building and the preservation of good order therein.