Tenant Handbook

Visitor Management

For visitors requiring building access, designated tenant representatives will have the ability to enter detailed information in Angus Anywhere. This is updated in real-time and monitored by 1st floor Lobby Security. When the visitor arrives and checks in at the Lobby console, they must present a valid photo ID and then are issued a visitor pass.

If the visitor is not registered into Angus Anywhere. prior to their arrival, verbal authorization must be obtained. Once authorization has been obtained, security will issue the visitor a badge and give them access to their floor. If no verbal authorization is obtained; no access will be granted, no exceptions. If a visitor arrives after hours and not requested into Angus Anywhere.; the requestor must meet their visitor on the 1st floor.

Depending on Lobby traffic and conditions, this process may delay building entry. We strongly urge tenants to utilize Angus Anywhere. accordingly.

For agency visitors, the procedure is the same except security will grant them access to the 7th floor lobby during agency business hours only, Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm.

If after-hours access has been requested by an agency employee, authorization on Angus Anywhere. must be obtained before granting access. If the visitor is not registered, the request must be verbally authorized through a phone call or the requestor may meet their guest at the security desk on the 1st floor. If no verbal authorization is obtained; no access will be granted, no exceptions.

Employee Access
All Employees must show security their access card before proceeding to the elevator and carry their badge at all times in the building. Employees may not prop any exterior doors at any time, i.e. Harrison building entrance.

If an employee does not have their access card, the employee will need to present a valid photo ID to the security officer at the main security console. The officer will search the data base and confirm the access rights before granting access. If in the system, Security will provide the employee with access to their floor. The employee will need to contact their Human Resources or other authorized individual to gain a temporary access card and/or authorization for a new card if it is lost or stolen.

If any employee does not have their access card and is requesting access to their floor after business hours; verbal authorization through a phone call must be obtained from an authorized representative before granting access. No access will be granted if no one is available to authorize access, no exceptions.